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Outstanding scientific and technological innovation, leading energy conservation!
     Gansu Jinshi Chemical Industry Co.,LTD.(JSCIC ) is a private enterprise with a total of 21 million yuan assets. It runs a wide scope of business, ranging from Sodium Bichromate, Chromic Anhyd -ride, Chrome Oxide Green, Sodium Sulphide, Aluminium Hydroxide, Chromium Alloys to licorice roots and sprinkling machine. JSCIC is a high- tech enterprise authorized by the government of GanSu province. It is not only a pilot enterprise of innovation, cyclic economy, clean production and zero -pollutant emission, but also a model enterprise of resource conservation and comprehensive uti -lization. JSICC values contacts and keeps promises. As a provin -cial enterprise technology center, JSCIC has passed the anthori -zation and audit of ISO9000 Quality Management System(OMS ), ISO4000 Environmental Management System(EMS), GB/T28001 Ocupation Health and Safety Assessment System(OHSMS).






   Dichromate        Chromic anhydride


  Chromium oxide green     Sodium sulfide

Carbon ferrochrome     Chromium alloy  

 Licorice             Sprinkler



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